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A new quality of light at the airport in Copenhagen
2015-12-28 11:28:11

A new quality of light at the airport in Copenhagen

Opened in 1925, Copenhagen Airport is one of the oldest international airports in Europe. Serving more than 25 mln passengers a year, it is also the largest airport in the Nordic countries and the busiest airport for international travel in Scandinavia. With more than 62,000 people passing through its terminals every day, it goes without saying that providing comfortable conditions for passengers at the airport is a very important task.

As lighting is one of the factors that have the biggest impact on the people present in a particular space, it is very important to choose solutions that can provide lighting of the highest quality. A perfect example of such a solution can be found in the recently opened 1,920 square-meters expansion of Copenhagen Airport’s Pier C which features 255 TLON Light luminaires from LUG Light Factory’s high-end brand, FLASH DQ.

“This state-of-the-art decorative pendant luminaire equipped with high-quality LED light sources brings out the unique character of modern infrastructural projects. At the same time, the luminaire is energy-efficient and offers impressive lighting parameters what makes it an optimal choice for anyone looking for a solution combining the best in design and lighting technology.” - LUG Light Factory’s Export and Marketing Director, Beata Tustanowska. 

For the needs of this project, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, LUG Light Factory prepared a customized version of TLON Light with an impressive diameter of 1950 mm. A total number of 255 luminaires was supplied for this project creating a breath-taking composition. To meet the technical requirements and assumptions of the lighting project, the lumen output was reduced to 4,000 and 4,500 lumens (from a standard output of 10,000 lm) so that the passengers at Copenhagen Airport can comfortably enjoy their time at the airport.

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