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Flash&DQ Best Concept 2017
The winning work of Michał Wielecki. ©

Flash&DQ Best Concept 2017

The first prize in the Concept category of Flash&DQ Best Interior Contest 2017 went to Michał Wielecki from Krakow ("ARCHIWIZ") - for the design of a loft-style living room located in the attic of a modern apartment. The author of the work managed to create a warm, yet modern and interesting residential interior. Noteworthy is the approach to detail and the consistent use of color options Flash&DQ lamps and designer accessories.

Author's description:

The designed loft living room in the attic is located in a modern apartment building in Krakow. Open space combines several zones, ie living, kitchen, dining room, dressing room, therefore lighting should be precisely and practically designed and adapted to the needs of residents. Starting from the entrance, TETRIS B ceiling spotlight with a blue accent leads us to the wardrobe and further towards the kitchen area, where usually the resident then goes. The main accent in the day zone is a decorative element of the interior ECLIPSE lamp, its round shapes and materials used perfectly match the minimalist interior. The lamp is quite large, but it is interesting to complement the space especially in high rooms. The kitchen part is visually separated from the living room by a multifunctional island, the bar zone is illuminated by CONCRA concrete lamps, which refer to the floor and give the loft character of the interior. The dining table is illuminated by a two-color designer lamp HB 443 referring in color to the ceiling spot lighting, which has an original form and blends in perfectly with this space. Rounded lamps and blue accessories warm up the cold interior and make a more friendly impression, while the designer shapes matched with their shape and color create a harmonious whole. Residents will certainly feel comfortable, because each zone is adequately illuminated.

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